Queensland industry employers welcome new building code

THE Queensland government has taken steps to reduce unlawful industrial action on work sites with the introduction of a code of practice for the state’s building and construction industry.

The introduction of the Implementation Guidelines to the Queensland Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry aims to limit delays and cost hikes incurred by unneccessary industrial action on government-funded infrastructure projects valued at more than $2m.

The Guidelines have been largely influenced by a 2012 hospital worksite strike resulting in 15,000 lost work days and a $7.4m expense for taxpayers, and both Victoria and New South Wales already have similar codes in effect.

“Without these guidelines, the cost of our $61.8bn infrastructure would surge by $790m and place 8,200 jobs at risk,” NSW Treasurer Mike Baird told The Australian earlier this week.

The Guideliness came into effect 1 July 2013 and a copy can be obtained here.