The Resources and Energy industry mental health training program delivers specific content and practical activities to contextualise mental health and mentally healthy workplaces in the resources and energy industry.

In this program participants will:​

  • Be exposed to General workplace mental health concepts and theories​
  • Contextualise Mentally healthy workplaces in the resources and energy industry​
  • Explore features of a Mentally healthy workplaces ​
  • Address mental health hazards and control measures relating to COVID-19 ​
  • Practice practical implementation and workplace conversations

This training program is delivered as a 3 hour interactive online course facilitated by one of our experienced AMMA Consultants and Subject Matter Expert, Liz Tobin. Liz is an expert in workplace wellbeing and Mental health and Liz has worked extensively with Beyond Blue over the last 15 years in the design, development and delivery of the Beyond Blue, National Workplace Program.​

We recommend this course for all people in the resources and energy industry including; operational and head office team members, supervisors, line managers, people leaders and human resources professionals.​

Calendar training sessions with mixed participants are available fortnightly.​

Customized training sessions are available with company only participants.​

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Resources and Energy Industry Mental Health Training overview


Module 1:
Mental Health 101
In this module, participants will:

  • Consolidate their understanding from the pre-read of key mental health concepts
  • Contextualise mental health in the resources and energy industry
  • Be introduced to applicable legal obligations and WHS duties

  • Introduce course and high-level overview of pre-read concepts
  • Introduce the Mentally Healthy Workplace Frameworks
  • Introduce legal obligations and WHS duties
  • Activity 1 – Mental Health in the Resources Industry (promote)

Module 2:
Mental Health in the Resources and Energy Industry
In this module, participants will:

  • Apply practical knowledge and experience in identifying potential psychological hazards and control measures
  • Review and practice having a mental health-based conversation including the management of disclosure and suitable support
  • Apply practical knowledge to create a return to work plan
  • Be exposed to range of trauma responses, support methods and apply them in a case study scenario

  • Activity 2 – Identifying and Addressing Hazards (prevent)
  • Activity 3 – Role Model Conversation (early intervention)
  • Activity 4 – Practice a conversation (early intervention)


  • Activity 5 – Managing Disclosure (support and recovery)
  • Activity 6 – Return to Work Planning (support and recovery)
  • Activity 7 – Trauma Response and Support Methods (whole framework)

Module 3:
COVID-19 and Workplace Mental Health
In this module, participants will:

  • Reflect on support strategies that address Covid-19 workplace impacts
  • Identify mental health hazards and the appropriate control measures

  • Activity 8 – Care and Support Initiatives
  • Activity 9 – Additional Control Measures

Module 4:
Mentally Healthy Workplaces in Practice
In this module, participants will:

  • Review key components of a mentally healthy and safe workplace
  • Identify workplace behaviours, practices, and policies impact a workplace and team members
  • Identify workplace strategies and initiatives for each element of the framework to create a mental health plan
  • Identify and implement self-care practices to support personal mental health
  • Complete a self-assessment, reflect on program information and personal take-outs

  • Quiz
  • Activity 10 – Compare workplaces (video)
  • Activity 11 – Develop a Workplace Mental Health Plan
  • Activity 12 – Self Assessment: Mentally Healthy Workplaces
  • Discussion – Self-Care in the Workplace
  • Activity 13 – Reflection