Resources & Energy industry employers across Australia have a shared commitment to physical and psychological safety. Mental health and wellbeing of our industry’s people plays a very large part of this commitment. 

As the leading voice of workplace matters AMMA is committed to the of health and safety of our industry’s people. AMMA has worked with Mental Health and Wellness experts and workplace professionals to develop a suite of initiatives to support members and industry employers to build capability and create mentally healthy workplaces. 


Resources and Energy Mental Health Training
Mental Health Summit
Mental Health and Wellbeing knowledge centre
Mental Health Advisory Board

Beyondblue ‘Heads Up’ campaign

To tackle the challenge of mental well-being in the resource industry, AMMA is proud to have partnered with mental health awareness group Beyond Blue as part of its wider ‘Heads Up’ campaign, supporting mental wellness for both the resource industry workforce, and the wider community.

The ‘Heads Up’ campaign provides an opportunity for industry employers to take an active approach to workplace mental health, providing tool kits and action plans designed to improve health and wellness from the top down.

Hear AMMA chief executive Steve Knott and former beyondblue chairman and ‘Heads Up’ advocate Jeff Kennett share insights about the ‘Heads Up’ campaign and what it means for the resources and energy industry.