AMMA members have access to the full range of AMMA services including Workplace Relations Consultancy; Training and Development; Policy and Advocacy; and support on key Workforce matters including; Diversity and Inclusion via Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA), Workforce Development and Mental Health and Wellness.

Here are 10 key benefits of AMMA membership:

  1. Powerful network – reap the rewards from being connected with other like-minded successful companies;
  2. Influence the political environment – ensuring Australia resources and energy industry has the influence your organisation needs on key workforce matters;
  3. Industry leadership events – exclusive events, webinars, workshops, briefings to help you and your team stay informed;
  4. Experienced workplace relations and workforce consultants – priority access to get the help you need, when you need it from resources and energy specialists;
  5. Advice and knowledge-sharing – tap into the vast network of knowledge and experience on workplace relations, workforce;
  6. Support with media and public affairs – develop impactful media strategies when you need it most;
  7. Communication – information delivered to you on topics that important to resources and energy industry employers, updates on key legislative changes that impact your business;
  8. Policy influence – have your say on policy developments through AMMA’s lobbying activities;
  9. Resource People magazine – free subscription to the industry’s leading publication for workforce matters; and
  10. Impactful training and development – national leader in training tailored to suit your audience and location.

With the majority of resources and energy employers in Australia being AMMA members, you have access to a powerful network of leadership, representation, experience, innovation and influence.

Already an AMMA member?

As an AMMA member you have access to a vast range of services and support. Our team has experience and knowledge across a broad range of industries and works to both support our members in their individual business objectives, as well as collectively building the success of the resources industry.

Ensure you are making the most of your membership:

  1. Understand the full range of AMMA services and support immediately available to you. Click HERE to download a copy of our membership document and share within your organisation.
  2. Ensure your key team members are on our database so they don’t miss vital information. Email us with their contact details at [email protected]
  3. Let AMMA know if there is an opportunity to profile your organisation and for a leader within your organisation to speak at one of our events.
  4. Join an AMMA Special Interest Group to network and discuss issues that directly affect your industry.
  5. Remember, our friendly team members are always on hand to help – it’s good to know you’re not on your own.

To learn how we can assist you, contact us today on 1800 627 771 or email us at [email protected]