Specialised Reline Services is one of Australia’s leading mill relining companies and has developed a world-renowned reputation for safety, reliability and service that exceeds market competitors in all areas of grinding mill lining replacement, shutdown planning and consultation.

Our success and reputation is maintained by producing quality work; maintaining a clear company focus by providing safe, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Mill Relines               Water Jetting            Backing Rubber

Our services include:

Grinding mill lining removal and installation for Ball, SAG, Rod and Tower mills
SRS has extensive expertise in all mill lining systems that will optimise results, leading to more efficient maintenance and higher mill availability. This is undertaken by fully trained reline technicians, using cutting edge tools and equipment.

Mill backing rubber replacement and repairs
Backing rubber is essential to protect the mill’s shell from wear by contact with slurry.  SRS is an industry leader in mill backing rubber replacement, giving us the ability to coordinate rubber work activities during relines to deliver a complete reline service.

Water jetting Services
Our team of High Pressure Water Jetting Operators has extensive industry knowledge and experience with a large range of specialist equipment. Our industrial water jetting service removes unwanted materials from any surface using environmentally friendly processes.