Peak Gold Mines is a medium size gold and copper underground mining operation located in the Cobar Gold Field of Central West New South Wales, Australia which commenced production in 1992. Peak Gold Mines produces gold dore for sale at the Perth mint and copper concentrate which is sold to markets in Asia.

The Peak Gold Mines comprise five commercially active mines and a copper-gold processing plant. The deposits, all currently mined from underground, include, from south to north, the Perseverance, Peak, New Occidental, Chesney and New Cobar. The Peak, New Occidental and Perseverance ore bodies are accessed via a shaft and surface decline located at the Peak site. The New Cobar and Chesney ore bodies are accessed via a decline near the base of the New Cobar open pit. The Peak site hosts the processing facility and administration buildings.

At Peak, Perseverance, New Occidental and New Cobar, the mining is done by bench stoping. At Chesney, a combination of bench stoping and open stoping is planned. Mining progresses from bottom up in each panel. Drifts are driven along strike in the ore on each level, a slot is developed and ore is blasted into the void. Ore is extracted, and waste rock is used to backfill the void.