P&O Maritime Services provides specialist maritime service solutions and these service solutions are facilitated through P&O Maritime Services’ ownership, operation and management of a fleet of specialised vessels for customers’ long term requirements.

P&O Maritime Services has been operating in the maritime industry since the 1960s. During this time it has developed into a diversified shipping service provider to both government and industry.

P&O Maritime Services is a diversified specialist shipping and marine logistics solution provider with extensive experience in the provision of niche shipping solutions to Governments for Antarctic research and resupply, marine science and research, border and fisheries protection and Defence small vessel fleet management. P&O Maritime Services also provides bulk cargo shipping services with solutions tailored to specific operational requirements. P&O Maritime Services’ operations extend to remote locations in Antarctica, the Southern Oceans, Papua New Guinea, Irish waters and the north Atlantic Sea and northern Australia.

P&O Maritime Services has the following business units, which provide specialist expertise to satisfy customers’ operational and commercial requirements:

  • Government Shipping Services
  • Cargo Services
  • Port Services
  • Offshore
  • Defence
  • Chartering
  • Agency