Greyhound Resources is a division of Greyhound Australia specifically catering to the needs of the mining and resources industry. Where there is mining and resources activity, you’ll probably find us. From the Bowen Basin in the east to Onslow in the west, we’re helping to move workers safely and on time.

Flexible Approach

We tailor solutions to suit your transportation needs. From transfers and shuttles to support a FIFO workforce, to dedicated BIBO (Bus In Bus Out) services.

  • Camp to site shuttles
  • Contractor transport
  • Airport services
  • Onsite shuttles
  • Construction projects
  • Mine shutdown services
  • Inter-and intra-town services.

Our product offer doesn’t stop with the bus. Greyhound Resources goes above and beyond to deliver a total safety focused solution including:

  • Project management
  • Tailored KPI reporting
  • Risk management
  • Traffic management
  • Service optimisation
  • Custom depot setup.

No requirement is too big and no task too small. Our contracts range from a few thousand dollars to $100+ million.