Gold Fields
While we’ve been producing gold in Western Australia for over a decade, our operations span Australia, North America and Africa. Which means a career with Gold Fields can take you as far as you’d like.

Our DNA is based on a simple philosophy known as shared value. It means we ensure others benefit from our efforts as well as ourselves. You can see the results in the respect we show our people and the ecosystems in which we operate. It’s also obvious in the support we show local and indigenous communities.

Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining. To achieve this, we don’t aim to be the world’s biggest, just the best. This forces us to think smarter, operate more leanly and for all of us to ‘work like owners’ no matter where we might sit in the organisation.

Importantly, our desire for sustainability means we all benefit whether it be through environmentally aware work practices, a commitment to safety as a way of life or ensuring local communities benefit from our presence.