Covering key policy matters affecting the resource industry, AMMA’s extensive collection of submissions, reports, case law summaries and discussion papers is available for your reference.

Submission to the Review of the Workplace Gender Equality ActNovember 24, 2021
Submission to the Review of the Equal Opportunity Act (WA)November 3, 2021
Submission to WA Inquiry into Workplace Sexual Harassment in the FIFO Mining IndustryAugust 16, 2021
Opening Statement to the Senate Committee Inquiry into Job SecurityJuly 28, 2021
Submission to the Independent review of the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) frameworkJuly 13, 2021
Submission to the Senate Education & Employment Legislation Committee – Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020February 12, 2021
Submission to the Attorney-General’s ‘Cooperative Workplaces’ Discussion PaperApril 21, 2020
Submission to the Attorney-General’s Project Life Greenfields Agreements Discussion PaperNovember 5, 2019
Submission to Education and Employment Legislation Senate Committee – Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2019September 20, 2019
AMMA Submission to CRIS 2018 Review of Model WHS LawsAugust 13, 2019
Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian WorkplacesMarch 5, 2019
Submission to the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety into Proposals for amendments to the model Work Health and Safety Bill for adoption in Western AustraliaSeptember 4, 2018
Submission to the Senate Committee Inquiry into the health and safety of workers in the offshore petroleum industryMarch 4, 2018
Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and WorkersFebruary 26, 2018
Submission 2017 Greenfields Agreements ReviewOctober 30, 2017
Submission: Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2017September 29, 2017
Submission to the Finance and Administration Committee – Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017June 22, 2017
Submission to PC Inquiry into Increasing Australia’s Future ProsperityJanuary 16, 2017
Submission to the Qld Government’s Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill 2016December 15, 2016
Submission to the Seacare Senate InquiryDecember 8, 2016
Submission to the inquiry into the retirement of coal fired power stationsNovember 15, 2016
Submission on Competition Law Amendments: Exposure Draft Consultation – Secondary boycotts and workplace relationsOctober 4, 2016
Submission on the Fair Work Amendment (Registered Organisations) Amendment BillSeptember 29, 2016
Submission on the Building & Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) BillSeptember 29, 2016
Submission on the Fair Work Amendment (Respect for Emergency Services Volunteers) Bill 2016September 14, 2016
Submission on Work Health & Safety (Resources and Major Hazards) Regulations for Western AustraliaSeptember 9, 2016
Submission on the Qld “Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill”September 5, 2016
Submission on Work Health & Safety Regulations for Western AustraliaAugust 31, 2016
Submission on maritime industry awards and model annual leave clausesAugust 15, 2016
AMMA feedback to Qld social impact assessment guidelinesJune 2, 2016
Submission to the inquiry into the practices of the labour hire industry in QueenslandApril 20, 2016
Submission to the inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Australian Workers) Bill 2016April 11, 2016
North Stradbroke Island mining inquiry – Additional submission on the draft economic transition strategy and the workers assistance schemeApril 7, 2016
Letter on Labor’s Protecting Rights at Work Policy and Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Australian Workers) Bill 2016March 14, 2016
Submission on the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) discussion paperMarch 7, 2016
Submission to the North Stradbroke Island mining inquiryMarch 4, 2016
Submission on the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 [No.2]February 23, 2016
Inquiry into the development of bauxite resources near Aurukun in Cape YorkFebruary 19, 2016
Submission on the Seacare scheme consultation paperFebruary 16, 2016
Submission to the inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment (Remaining 2014 Measures) Bill 2015December 21, 2015
Submission to the inquiry into the feasibility of, and options for, creating a national long service standard, and the portability of long service and other entitlements.December 15, 2015
Submission to the Victorian Inquiry into the labour hire industry and insecure workNovember 30, 2015
Submission to the post-implementation review of parts of the Fair Work Amendment Act 2013October 28, 2015
AMMA response to the Queensland Productivity Commission Bill 2015October 20, 2015
Submission in reply to the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Australia’s Workplace Relations FrameworkSeptember 18, 2015
Submission to the inquiry into portability of long service leave entitlementsSeptember 7, 2015
Submission on the Work Health & Safety (Resources) BillAugust 25, 2015
Submission in response to discussion paper: 457 Integrity Review – Training Fund ContributionAugust 18, 2015
Submission to the inquiry into the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014 (No 2)July 7, 2015
Submission to the inquiry into the Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 (Qld)June 16, 2015
Submission to the Queensland Parliament Legislative Assembly – Response to the fly in, fly out and other long distance commuting work practices in regional Queensland inquiryJune 1, 2015
Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Committees – Inquiry into the impact of Australia’s temporary work visa programs on the Australian labour market and on the temporary work visa holdersMay 11, 2015
Submission to Senate inquiry into the Construction Industry Amendment (Protecting Witnesses) Bill 2015April 20, 2015
Getting Back on Track: Delivering the Workplace Relations Framework Australia NeedsMarch 13, 2015
Response to the Western Australia Legislative Assembly – Education and Health Standing Committee – Inquiry into mental health impacts of FIFO work arrangements Discussion PaperFebruary 26, 2015
Submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection – Proposal for the simplification of the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programmesFebruary 18, 2015
Submission to the exposure draft – Work Health and Safety Bill 2014 (WA)February 17, 2015
Submission on the Fair Work Amendment (Bargaining Processes) Bill 2014January 30, 2015
Submission to Consultation Paper: Structure of Mining, Petroleum and Major Hazard Facilities Safety LegislationJanuary 29, 2015
Response to the Department of Industry discussion paper: Industry engagement in training package developmentDecember 8, 2014
Submission to AMSA: Draft Marine Order 11November 13, 2014
Submission to the Western Australia Legislative Assembly – Education and Health Standing Committee – Inquiry into mental health impacts of FIFO work arrangementsOctober 15, 2014
Submission on the Skilled Migration and 400 Series Visa ProgrammesOctober 1, 2014
Submission to the Australian Government Department of Industry on Vocational Education and Training ReformJuly 24, 2014
Outline of submissions to the Four-Yearly Review of Modern AwardsJune 23, 2014
Submission to the Australian Government Competition Policy Review PanelJune 16, 2014
Submission on the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457) Program – Integrity ReviewMay 12, 2014
Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee on the Migration Amendment (Offshore Resources Activity) Repeal Bill 2014May 7, 2014
Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee on the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014April 29, 2014
Submission on the government’s approach to re-establishing the ABCCJanuary 12, 2014
Submission on the Review of Indigenous Training and EmploymentJanuary 9, 2014
Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Education and Employment – Improving ProductivityNovember 25, 2013
AMMA Submission to Productivity Commission Issues Paper – Geographic labour mobilitySeptember 11, 2013
Submission to Safe Work Australia on the draft code of practice – Preventing and responding to workplace bullyingJuly 17, 2013
Submission on Mineral and Energy Resource ExplorationJuly 16, 2013
Submission on the Seafarer, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act ReviewJuly 4, 2013
Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on the Migration Amendment (Offshore Resources Activity) Bill 2013June 21, 2013
Submission on the Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill 2013June 20, 2013
Submission to the Industrial Relations (Transparency and Accountability of Industrial Organisations) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2013May 22, 2013
Submission to the Inquiry into the TAFE Queensland Bill 2013May 6, 2013
Submission on the Exposure Draft Australian Jobs Bill 2013May 1, 2013
Submission to the inquiry into the framework and operation of Subclass 457 visas, Enterprise Migration Agreements and Regional Migration AgreementsMay 1, 2013
Submission on the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2013April 16, 2013
Submission to the Productivity Commission on Mineral and Energy Resource ExplorationApril 11, 2013
Submission on the draft Navigation Regulation 2013April 2, 2013
Submission on the Fair Work Amendment (Tackling Job Insecurity) Bill 2012March 28, 2013
Operation of Queensland’s Workers Compensation SchemeMarch 26, 2013
Submission on the Modern Awards Review 2012 – Apprentices, Trainees and JuniorsFebruary 28, 2013
Submission on the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 Gender Equality Indicators: Issues BriefJanuary 29, 2013
Submission to review of application of Migration Act to offshore resource workersDecember 13, 2012
Submission to the Seacare Scheme ReviewDecember 11, 2012
Submission to Australian Law Reform Commission on the Review of Barriers to Older WorkersNovember 23, 2012
Submission to the Queensland Skills and Training TaskforceSeptember 17, 2012
Submission to the Senate Committee Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Legislation on the Protecting Local Jobs (Regulating Enterprise Migration Agreements) Bill 2012September 14, 2012
Submission to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship on the Exposure draft of the Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Bill 2012August 21, 2012
Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Tax Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No4) Bill 2012 – (LAFHA changes)July 23, 2012
Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment Inquiry into Workplace BullyingJuly 13, 2012
Submission to the Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Committee on the inquiry into the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2012June 25, 2012
Submission to Fair Work Australia on the operation of the first three years of individual flexibility arrangements under the Fair Work Act 2009April 27, 2012
AMMA submission to the Fair Work Act Review Panel – shortened Executive Summary onlyFebruary 20, 2012
Full Submission to the Fair Work Act Review PanelFebruary 20, 2012
Submission to the Treasury, Philantropy and Exemptions Unit (Fringe Benefits Tax and living away from home allowances)February 1, 2012
Submission to the Senate Inquiry into The Building & Construction Industry Improvement Amendment (Transition to Fair Work) Bill 2011January 15, 2012
Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Australia Inquiry: The use of FIFO and DIDO workforce practices in AustraliaOctober 14, 2011
Submission to Safe Work Australia on Model Work Health and Safety Regulations for MiningSeptember 23, 2011
Submission: To the Department of Immigration and Citizenship – Review of the permanent employer sponsored visa categoriesSeptember 16, 2011
Submission to Safe Work Australia on the Draft Model Work Health & Safety Regulations and Codes of PracticeApril 1, 2011
Submission to the ABCC on Sham arrangements and the use of labour hire in the building and construction industryApril 1, 2011
Submission to DIAC on Simpler visas – Implementing a simpler framework for temporary residence work visasFebruary 3, 2011
Submission to DIAC on Migration Program for 2011-12 and beyondJanuary 7, 2011
Submission to the AIRC on Mining Industry Award 2010 and Labour Hire Model ClausesDecember 1, 2009
Submission to Safe Work Australia on the Exposure Draft Model Act and Stage 1 Model RegulationsNovember 16, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on Award Modernisation for the Seagoing Industry Award 2010September 9, 2009
Submission to the AIRC to vary the Mining Industry Award 2010August 10, 2009
Submission to the Senate inquiry into the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Amendment Transition to Fair Work Bill 2009July 17, 2009
Submission to Safework SA on Proposed Approved Code of Practice Working Hours South AustraliaJune 30, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on the Exposure Draft Hydrocarbons Industry Upstream Award 2010June 15, 2009
Submission to the Treasury on Reform of Taxation of Employee Share SchemesJune 12, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on Award Modernisation Transitional IssuesMay 29, 2009
Submission to DEEWR on the Wilcox Report RecommendationsMay 15, 2009
Submission: Senate Inquiry Fair Work Transitional Provisions & Consequential Amendments BillApril 9, 2009
Submission: SA OHS Amendment BillMarch 13, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on the Hydrocarbons Award 2010March 6, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on the Maritime Industry AwardsMarch 6, 2009
Submission to the AIRC on the ROV Industry AwardMarch 6, 2009
Senate releases report on Fair Work Bill InquiryMarch 3, 2009
AMMA Letter to Fair Work Bill InquiryFebruary 11, 2009
Submission to DEEWR on Union Representation Rights Under Fair Work BillJanuary 29, 2009
Submission to the ATO Draft Superannuation Guarantee RulingDecember 31, 2008
Submission to the Wilcox Review Transition of ABCC to FWADecember 5, 2008
Submission to the Productivity Commission on Paid Parental LeaveNovember 14, 2008
Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Building and Construction Industry Restoring Workplace Rights Bill 2008October 10, 2008
Submission to the AIRC on Metals Industry Award ModernisationAugust 1, 2008
Submission on the National Review OHS LawsJuly 11, 2008
Submission to the Wilcox Review Proposed Terms of ReferenceJune 30, 2008
Submission to the AIRC on Award ModernisationMay 30, 2008
Submission on the National Employment Standards Exposure DraftMarch 31, 2008
Submission to the Minister for Immigration on 457 VisasMarch 6, 2008
Submission to Senate Employment Workplace Relations and Education Legislation CommitteeMarch 4, 2008
Submission to the Senate inquiry into the Fair Work Bill 2008January 12, 2008
Submission to the Senate inquiry into the WR Stronger Safety Net BillJune 5, 2007
Submission to the Joint Standing Committee inquiry into Temporary Business VisasA copy of AMMA’s submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s Inquiry into Temporary Business Visas, lodged in January 2007, is available here.January 31, 2007
Submission to the Joint Standing Committee inquiry into Temporary Business VisasJanuary 31, 2007
Submission OHS Act 1986 ReviewAugust 3, 2006
AMMA Submission: OHS Act 2000May 18, 2006
Submission on the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act QueenslandFebruary 10, 2006
Submission to the Award Review TaskforceFebruary 7, 2006
Provisions of the Workplace Relations Amendment (Right of Entry) Bill 2004March 5, 2005
Submission: Protection Employee EntitlementsSeptember 20, 1999
Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the WR Legislation Amendment More Jobs Better Pay Bill 1999September 1, 1999
Consulting on your COVID vaccine policy – Lessons from BHP’s Full BenchDecember 7, 2021
FWC Full Bench split over vaccine refuser’s medical evidenceSeptember 28, 2021
Stand Down Still Requires Fairness Assessment: Fair Work CommissionAugust 31, 2021
Disclosure failure sees conditions imposed on official’s entry permitAugust 3, 2021
Full Bench rejects CFMMEU’s “waterside worker” definitionAugust 3, 2021
Lozenges no excuse for breathalyser fail – FWCJuly 6, 2021
Federal Court finds preparatory works constitutes illegal strike actionJuly 6, 2021
Award coverage issues highlighted in LNG dismissal disputeJune 22, 2021
After the horse has bolted: Lessons on conducting the enterprise agreement bargaining process, and how (not) to walk away from negotiationsApril 27, 2021
‘Hasty’, ‘flawed’ investigation undermines dismissal caseApril 13, 2021
FWCFB determines contractor had no power to reinstate employee after unfair dismissalMarch 16, 2021
Failure to properly explain terms sinks builder’s EA approvalMarch 2, 2021
First glimpse into FWC stance on workplace vaccinationsFebruary 16, 2021
Taxpayers foot casual double dipping billFebruary 16, 2021
FWC clarifies who can assist employers before the tribunalFebruary 2, 2021
Full Bench confirms approach to overlapping awardsNovember 24, 2020
Remote travel allowance is income, not housing – FWCNovember 10, 2020
Sacking for underground safety incident valid but harsh, says FWCOctober 27, 2020
FWC supports dismissal for confidentiality breachSeptember 29, 2020
Gold miner fairly sacked after heated exchange: FWCSeptember 15, 2020
Federal Court lets MUA off the hook in Alcoa ship sit-inAugust 18, 2020
High Court settles sick leave controversyAugust 18, 2020
Union appeal sinks BHP labour hire agreementsJuly 21, 2020
ROSSATO V WORKPAC: Further chaos for definition of casual employmentMay 26, 2020
FWC Full Bench to reassess contentious BHP agreementsMay 12, 2020
FWC approves first COVID-19 agreement variationApril 6, 2020
FWC reinstates refinery worker sacked over Hitler parodyMarch 3, 2020
Full Bench finds casual employee eligible for unfair dismissalFebruary 4, 2020
Inconsistent WHS policy almost unravels employer’s dismissal defenceJanuary 21, 2020
Court considers employer’s construction of its own enterprise agreement wrongJanuary 6, 2020
Prank dismissal ruled unfair due to procedural shortcomingsOctober 22, 2019
FWC approves deal with undertaking to overcome minor procedural errorSeptember 24, 2019
Employers gain flexibility to determine overtime on rotating rostersSeptember 19, 2019
Full Court decision on personal leave inconsistent with common practiceAugust 27, 2019
FWC upholds OHS advisor’s dismissal, highlights need for balance to unfair dismissal lawsJuly 30, 2019
FWC grants ‘offshore alliance’ entry permitsJuly 16, 2019
Sexual harassment case attracts $170,000 in damagesJune 18, 2019
FWC highlights danger of poor workplace investigationsJune 4, 2019
Employers receive clarification on superannuation obligationsJune 4, 2019
Full Bench rejects reinstatement for abusive Esso employeeMay 21, 2019
Timber worker unfairly sacked for refusing fingerprint scan: Full BenchMay 21, 2019
Full Bench overturns EA termination on evidentiary errorApril 23, 2019
Rio loses dispute over FIFO contractual entitlementsApril 9, 2019
Redundancies genuine and “inevitable” despite casual offer: FWCMarch 26, 2019
Boozy cricket match leads to “workplace” injury: TribunalMarch 12, 2019
“Skylarking” coal miner fairly dismissed for safety breach – FWCFebruary 26, 2019
Dredging company’s EA terminations in public interest: FWCFebruary 12, 2019
Employer’s poor explanation kills off enterprise agreementsJanuary 29, 2019
FWC reinstates “workplace dinosaur” who refused to train contractorJanuary 15, 2019
Bullying applications misused by employeesNovember 13, 2018
A fine line: Applying pressure to resignSeptember 18, 2018
Full Federal Court awards annual leave to ‘casual’ truck driverAugust 21, 2018
Case highlights performance management intricacies July 24, 2018
Procedural shortcuts costly in dismissal caseJune 26, 2018
Drug testing clarity: Biscuit maker can test urineJune 12, 2018
Common sense prevails in dismissal rehearing of alcohol-impaired CaptainMay 29, 2018
Mobile phone policy vital in dismissal caseMay 1, 2018
FWC quashes EA approvalApril 4, 2018
FWC approves agreement despite NERR compliance issuesMarch 20, 2018
Explicit abuse not acceptable on mine site: Full BenchMarch 6, 2018
Full Bench: Qantas comes unstuck in classification disputeMarch 6, 2018
Bargaining update: FWC rejects CFMEU bid to interveneFebruary 20, 2018
‘Harshness’ again the concern in mining safety dismissalsFebruary 20, 2018
Questions raised over representation rights before the FWCJanuary 8, 2018
Esso Australia Pty Ltd v The Australian Workers Union [2017] HCA 54 (6 December 2017)December 18, 2017
High Court confirms employers can make an enterprise agreement prior to operationDecember 18, 2017
FWC Redefines Right of Representation in ProceedingsNovember 8, 2017
Right of entry by CFMEU not permitted before start of shiftSeptember 4, 2017
High Court rejects appeal of CFMEU crib room entryAugust 22, 2017
$60k fine for sham contracting arrangementJune 20, 2017
FWC upholds dismissal despite lack of formal warningsJune 13, 2017
Thiess wins enterprise agreement appealMay 30, 2017
Full Bench reinstates driver in fitness for work disputeMay 23, 2017
BHP warehousing employee reinstated despite valid reason for dismissalMay 23, 2017
Termination for refusing alternate duties not adverse actionMay 23, 2017
Lessons for removing contract labour from site – Full Bench on TasportsMay 23, 2017
Full Bench supports employee anonymity in disputesMay 2, 2017
Comcare bungle reinforces importance of privacy policiesMay 2, 2017
Employee sacking over porn emails deemed ‘harsh’May 2, 2017
Another mine contractor EBA overturned on CFMEU appealMay 2, 2017
‘Contractor’ or ‘employee’ confusion leads to $230k underpaymentApril 26, 2017
Full Bench orders Esso Australia to produce documentsApril 26, 2017
Full bench quashes contractor’s agreement approvalApril 26, 2017
Construction manager fined for breaching union site entry lawsApril 19, 2017
Drunken argument and hotel damage ‘not serious misconduct’ – FWCApril 11, 2017
Fed Court upholds injury-related dismissalApril 4, 2017
Full bench says flight attendant fairly sackedApril 4, 2017
BHP Coal’s performance improvement plan backed in dismissal caseApril 4, 2017
CFMEU fails in ‘double dipping’ bid at Bluescope steel millMarch 28, 2017
Stevedore loses dismissal claim after Facebook ‘pig’ postMarch 28, 2017
Federal Court rejects appeal of CFMEU crib room entryMarch 14, 2017
Employee awarded compensation despite sexually inappropriate behaviourFebruary 28, 2017
Agreement derailed by ‘ex parte’ communicationsFebruary 21, 2017
FWC upholds Mt Arthur Coal’s drug and alcohol test policiesFebruary 14, 2017
Job swaps before redundancies: Full Bench quashes decisionFebruary 7, 2017
Full Bench upholds Peabody’s pay method for new rostersJanuary 31, 2017
Employer found vicariously liable for assault on female employeeJanuary 31, 2017
Full Bench rejects CFMEU appeal of Anglo Coal redundanciesJanuary 24, 2017
CFMEU ordered to stop unprotected action at AGL power plantJanuary 24, 2017
CFMEU lose appeal of BHP Nickel right of entry disputeJanuary 17, 2017
Case Summary: Employer reprimanded for ‘assuming’ worker resignedJanuary 17, 2017
Federal Court favours CFMEU in battle over Anglo coal redundanciesJanuary 11, 2017
CFMEU wins appeal of driller’s EA despite no members coveredDecember 20, 2016
Casual FIFO employee entitled to annual leave entitlementsNovember 29, 2016
Sacked Qantas employee wins $33k despite stealing from employerNovember 29, 2016
FWC upholds sacking of employee who ‘stalked’ colleagueNovember 22, 2016
FWC rules on MUA’s right of entry bid for ‘waterside workers’November 15, 2016
‘Assistance’ entry by union official does not require permit: Federal CourtNovember 8, 2016
Mineworker’s reinstatement ‘plainly unjust’November 8, 2016
Truck driver’s health concerns no excuse for abusing nurse: FWCNovember 2, 2016
Court blocks use of ‘adverse’ recorded commentsOctober 26, 2016
Termination upheld of driver who left truck crash to heat lunchOctober 26, 2016
FWC finds injured employee to be genuinely redundantOctober 11, 2016
Full Bench rejects CFMEU’s secret ballot appealOctober 11, 2016
Coal miner reinstated despite ‘scab’ commentOctober 4, 2016
Arrium latest in growing list of employers to offer wage reductionsOctober 4, 2016
Sleeping operator fairly dismissed after serious misconductSeptember 27, 2016
Entry permits do not hinge on union behaviour, says FWC majoritySeptember 27, 2016
Series of errors led to refusal of coal sector agreementSeptember 20, 2016
Confidentiality decision does little to protect employees’ identitySeptember 13, 2016
Labour hire dismissal not unfair, finds full benchSeptember 6, 2016
FWC cases offer lessons in drug & alcohol testing best practiceAugust 30, 2016
Coal miner fined $50k for adverse action over OHS issueAugust 30, 2016
Full Bench finds casual service counts towards redundancy payAugust 23, 2016
Why ‘all-purpose’ doesn’t always mean ‘all-purpose’August 16, 2016
Federal Court upholds MUA ‘scab poster’ rulingAugust 16, 2016
Lessons from contrasting FWC decision on ‘harshness’July 19, 2016
FWC clarifies ‘other breaks’ under union workplace entry lawsJuly 19, 2016
CFMEU coerces company not to exercise workplace rightJuly 12, 2016
FWC finds mine operator’s dismissal harsh despite racist, sexist remarksJuly 12, 2016
Federal Court rules on cashing out personal leaveJuly 12, 2016
High Court denies CFMEU bid to appeal sick leave adverse action caseJune 28, 2016
Recovering costs from unfair dismissal claimsJune 21, 2016
FWC supports resource employers’ termination of enterprise agreementsJune 21, 2016
Rail union not entitled to represent mine workers: Full BenchJune 14, 2016
Voluntary redundancy mistake sees driver reinstatedJune 14, 2016
Maritime union fails in PABO bid as FWC finds disingenuous conductJune 14, 2016
Unions can organise strikes despite bad bargaining – Fed CourtMay 31, 2016
Safety prevails in FWC Full Bench ruling on dismissal matterApril 12, 2016
FWC backs employer approach to reducing FIFO salariesApril 5, 2016
Safety breach reinstatement overturnedApril 5, 2016
Full Bench clarifies ‘JJ Richards’ fixApril 5, 2016
Can persistent lateness justify dismissal?March 22, 2016
‘Delinquent’ unfair dismissal applicant ordered to pay employer’s costsMarch 15, 2016
Swearing at a supervisor may justify dismissalMarch 8, 2016
Unions misconstrue ‘fairly chosen’ rule, says Full BenchFebruary 23, 2016
Full Bench appeal: CFMEU wins right to access dragline crib roomsFebruary 9, 2016
Full Bench finds cooling off would not aid Patrick’s negotiationsFebruary 9, 2016
Notice of termination during R&R not OK, says FWCFebruary 9, 2016
Coal employer backed in deducting annual leave on public holidaysJanuary 19, 2016
Dismissal for failing to attend medical examination upheldDecember 15, 2015
Flimsy evidence sees coal employer lose unfair dismissal caseNovember 24, 2015
FWC upholds dismissal of overweight workerNovember 17, 2015
FWC clarifies default lunchroom triggersNovember 10, 2015
Inadequate time to respond made dismissal harshNovember 3, 2015
‘Reasonable’ performance management not bullying – FWCNovember 3, 2015
Court fines HR manager for breach of national employment standardsOctober 27, 2015
FWC disapproves of ‘first and final’ warningOctober 6, 2015
Lack of objectivity in redundancy sees adverse action claimSeptember 29, 2015
Managerial rights upheld in redeployment decisionSeptember 15, 2015
Procedural fairness rules despite serious misconductSeptember 8, 2015
Should you incorporate disciplinary policies in employment contracts?September 1, 2015
Full Bench upholds Port Kembla drug test regimeAugust 25, 2015
IR managers fined for freedom of association breachAugust 11, 2015
Bullying claim rejected by Workers Comp tribunalAugust 4, 2015
Full Bench rules on frustration of contractJuly 28, 2015
Drunken worker reinstated after employer errorsJuly 21, 2015
Court scrutinises ballot results after employees allegedly misledJuly 21, 2015
Swearing at boss may not justify dismissalJuly 14, 2015
CFMEU ordered to pay $20K fine for ‘disgraceful’ officialJuly 7, 2015
‘Bullying’ CFMEU official loses entry permitJune 30, 2015
FWC supports employer association tribunal representationJune 30, 2015
FIFO flights are ‘work’ – not a fringe benefit: CourtJune 16, 2015
FWC reinstates sleeping security guardJune 9, 2015
‘Threatening’ bikie reinstated at coal mineJune 9, 2015
Ferry master’s dismissal over drug use standsMarch 17, 2015
Annual leave accrues on worker’s comp: FCCMarch 12, 2015
Breakdown of trust justifies dismissal, court rulesMarch 12, 2015
BHP praised for ‘diligent’ disciplinary action: FWCMarch 3, 2015
Penalties, overtime to be included in annual leave payoutsMarch 3, 2015
Performance discipline not ‘reasonable management action’February 24, 2015
Full Bench rules on redundancy definitionFebruary 24, 2015
Resignation after drug test not dismissal: FWCFebruary 24, 2015
BHP miners exempt from primary carer’s leaveFebruary 20, 2015
FWC clarifies future risk of bullying after dismissalFebruary 20, 2015
FWC ruling sees strike threshold further relaxedFebruary 20, 2015
Dismissal appeal fails for anti-Islam e-mailerFebruary 10, 2015
Voluntary redundancy scheme not required: FWCFebruary 3, 2015
Safety breach excused, workers reinstated: FWCJanuary 27, 2015
FWC clarifies manager’s right to unfair dismissalJanuary 27, 2015
EmploymentSnapshot_July2021July 1, 2021
June 2020 | AMMA Industrial Relations PaperJune 26, 2020
AMMA’s Post-Pandemic IR Reform Framework.May 26, 2020
Letter to Attorney General – Suspension of Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements COVID-19April 3, 2020
Performance of the Fair Work Commission: Letter to the Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations (29-01-2020)February 3, 2020
Pathway to ProductivityAugust 13, 2019
Briefing Letter to Minister Porter – Key IR IssuesJune 21, 2019
AMMA Member Guide to the 2019 Federal ElectionMay 8, 2019
Interview with George Polities (1918-2019)February 19, 2019
Letter to Minister Craig Laundy – Fair Work Commission appointment tenuresJune 28, 2018
Letter to Australian Senate members | Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2017June 26, 2018
Letter to Minister Craig Laundy on Seacare Authority Code of PracticeApril 5, 2018
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Fair Work Commission departures since 2014February 16, 2017
Summary of final version of building industry billFebruary 8, 2017
Letter of resignation from FWC VP Graeme WatsonJanuary 20, 2017
AMMA Economics Presentation – Resources Market Update 2017December 8, 2016
ABCC legislation passes with new offshore coverageNovember 30, 2016
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AMMA Drug and Alcohol Testing Survey 2016October 19, 2016
AMMA Resource Industry Market Outlook – Spring 2016 EditionAugust 1, 2016
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Drug and Alcohol Testing: Developments and Emerging IssuesMay 5, 2015
Briefing: New offshore migration requirements establishedMarch 31, 2015
Briefing: Offshore Migration DecisionMarch 27, 2015
Getting Back on Track – Reform Priorities of the Australian Resources IndustryMarch 15, 2015
KPMG Report: Workplace Relations and the Competitiveness of the Australian Resources SectorMarch 12, 2015
Extracts from first annual meeting of AMMA on 26 November 1918December 2, 2014
Report: AMMA’s 2014 Activities ReportOctober 29, 2014
AMMA Research Project on Fair Work Commission AppointmentsSeptember 22, 2014
Discussion Paper: Establishment of the Industry Skills FundSeptember 1, 2014
Graph of Offshore Construction Salaries 2007-2013April 24, 2014
Fair for Who? The rhetoric versus the reality of the Fair Work ActSeptember 4, 2013
Paper: AMMA Workplace Relations Research Project Report 6August 27, 2013
AMMA’s 2013 election year policy scorecardAugust 25, 2013
Analysis of the offshore oil and gas marine support sectorAugust 6, 2013
Letter to PM on productivity agendaJuly 16, 2013
Discussion Paper: Resource Industry Productivity Analysis and Policy OptionsJuly 3, 2013
AMMA Jobseeker IndexJune 28, 2013
AMMA Election Paper: Trade union access to workplacesJune 18, 2013
AMMA-PitCrew Labour Market Index – May 2013May 30, 2013
AMMA’s IR priorities for the next federal governmentMarch 13, 2013
Research report: 457 visa workers in the Western Australian resources industry: The benefits and costs for business, migrant families, and the communityNovember 7, 2012
Paper: AMMA Workplace Relations Research Project Report 5July 2, 2012
Paper: AMMA Workplace Relations Research Project Report 4January 15, 2012
Research Report: The efficacy of oral fluid testing versus urine testing in the workplaceDecember 16, 2011
AMMA’s Top 10 IR ReformsNovember 23, 2011
Report: AMMA’s 2011 activities reportNovember 1, 2011
Features: The Interview with Steve KnottAugust 1, 2011
Lateline Business June coverage of JJ Richards disputeJune 17, 2011
Paper: AMMA Workplace Relations Research Project Report 3June 1, 2011
Publication: AMMA Associate Membership BenefitsApril 8, 2011
Xstrata Queensland Limited – Port Operations Award – State 2005March 25, 2011
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd Long Service Leave Conditions Award 1984March 25, 2011
Workplace Relations Amendment (Transition to Forward with Fairness) Bill 2008March 25, 2011
Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty Ltd Long service Leave Conditions Award 1984March 25, 2011
West Australian Professional Engineers (General Industries) Award 2004March 25, 2011
West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd Long Service Leave Conditions Award 1991March 25, 2011
Transport workers’ (South Australian) AwardMarch 25, 2011
Transport Workers Award 1998March 25, 2011
Drilling and Exploration Industry (AWU) Award 1998March 25, 2011
Coal Mining Industry (Production and Engineering) Consolidated Award 1997March 25, 2011
Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty Ltd Award 2005March 25, 2011
Santos Petroleum Management Award 2001March 25, 2011
Santos Ltd – Cooper Basin Operations – Hydrocarbons Award 1998March 25, 2011
Restaurant, Tearoom and Catering Workers’ Award 1979March 25, 2011
Queensland Nickel Employees’ Award – State 2003March 25, 2011
Queensland Alumina Limited Award 2003March 25, 2011
Quarry, Crushed Stone, Sand and Gravel Industry Award – State 2003March 25, 2011
Professional Scientists’ Award – State 2002March 25, 2011
Professional Engineer’s Award – State 2002March 25, 2011
Professional Engineers (General Industries) South Australia – State AwardMarch 25, 2011
Plumbers and Gasfitters (South Australia) AwardMarch 25, 2011
Pajingo Gold Mine Award 2000March 25, 2011
Origin Energy Resources Limited Hydrocarbons and Gas (Production and Processing Employees) Award 2003March 25, 2011
Oil Drilling Rig Workers’ AWU (Onshore) Award 1999March 25, 2011
North Rankin Construction AwardMarch 25, 2011
Nickel Smelting (WMC Resources Ltd) Award 2003March 25, 2011
Nickel Refining Award 1971March 25, 2011
Nickel Mining and Processing Award 1975March 25, 2011
Mount Isa Mines Limited Award 2004March 25, 2011
Mount Isa Mines Contractors’ and Sub-contractors’ Employees Award – State 2002March 25, 2011
Professional Diving Industry (Industrial) Award 2010March 22, 2011
Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010March 22, 2011
Oil Refining and Manufacturing Award 2010March 22, 2011
Mobile Crane Hiring Award 2010March 22, 2011
Mining Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Maritime Offshore Oil and Gas Award 2010March 22, 2011
Marine Towage Award 2010March 22, 2011
Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2010March 22, 2011
Hydrocarbons Industry (Upstream) Award 2010March 22, 2011
Surveying Award 2010March 22, 2011
Hydrocarbons Field Geologists Award 2010March 22, 2011
Stevedoring Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010March 22, 2011
Security Services Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010March 22, 2011
Seagoing Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Dredging Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Salt Industry Award 2010March 22, 2011
Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010March 22, 2011
Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award 2010March 22, 2011
Cleaning Services Award 2010March 22, 2011
Professional Employees Award 2010March 22, 2011
Building & Construction General On-site Award 2010March 22, 2011
Publication: AMMA in Action – Our ServicesMarch 11, 2011
Publication: Benefits of AMMA MembershipMarch 4, 2011
Mining Industry Remuneration Survey ReportMarch 1, 2011
Report: AMMA’s 2010 activities reportNovember 1, 2010
Paper: Agreement or Argument? What faith can we have in good faith bargaining? The early experience of enterprise bargaining under the Fair Work ActOctober 10, 2010
Paper: AMMA Workplace Relations Research Project Report 2October 10, 2010
Paper: AMMA OHS Discussion Paper: The Model National Work Health and safety Bill: What needs to be done to get it right?October 1, 2010
Publication: AMMA IR Policy Scorecard – An analysis of Workplace Policy under the major Political PartiesAugust 1, 2010
Paper: Finding Fairness – A review of the first 12 months of the Fair Work Act 2009July 1, 2010
Paper: Individual Flexibility Arrangements under the Fair Work Act 2009: The Great IllusionMay 19, 2010
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Paper: Strategies to reduce unlawful industrial action and abuse of protected strike action under the FWA 2009March 31, 2010
Paper: Key elements of Work Health and Safety BillFebruary 17, 2010
Paper: Significant changes recommended to IR laws to close gender pay gapDecember 10, 2009
Report: AMMA’s 2009 activities reportNovember 1, 2009
AMMA letter to Deputy PM about FWA regulations and coasting trade permitsAugust 7, 2009
Paper: A comparison of proposed building industry regulator changesJune 22, 2009
AMMA seeks restoration of pre-budget treatment of Employee Share SchemesJune 16, 2009
AMMA Letter to Minister for Tourism & Fair Trading to AMMA RE retention of trading hours for licensed premises on mining sitesJune 4, 2009
AMMA letter to PM regarding employee share ownership plansMay 18, 2009
Paper: Campaign to retain existing workplace flexibilities in new mining awardMay 14, 2009
Letter from Deputy PM to AIRC about award modernisationMay 7, 2009
Publication: Redundancy ReportMarch 31, 2009
Senate Inquiry into Fair Work BillMarch 3, 2009
AMMA Welcomes Minister’s Draft 457 RegulationsFebruary 18, 2009
Paper: Union right of entryFebruary 16, 2009
AMMA letter to Senate SCEEWR on Fair Work BillFebruary 10, 2009
Publication: 2008 AMMA Annual Financial ReportDecember 31, 2008
Paper: Fair Work Bill – A briefing for membersDecember 31, 2008
Report: AMMA’s 2008 activities reportNovember 1, 2008
Paper: The building industry regulator – Tough cop or transition to toothless tigerSeptember 9, 2008
DPM letter to AMMA regarding FWA appointmentsAugust 13, 2008
Paper: Visa Subclass 457 Integrity Review Issues Paper 1July 31, 2008
Paper: Temporary immigration options for Australian employersJuly 22, 2008
AMMA letter to DPM regarding tenure of AIRC membersJuly 14, 2008
AMMA letter to Immigration Minister regarding 2008-09 Migration ProgramMarch 6, 2008
Paper: Transitioning to a new IR systemFebruary 18, 2008
Publication: 2007 AMMA Activities ReportDecember 31, 2007
Publication: 2007 AMMA Annual Financial ReportDecember 31, 2007
Publication: Snapshot of AMMA ActivitiesDecember 31, 2007
Paper: Workplace improvement through employee engagementOctober 19, 2007
Paper: Employee engagement – a lifetime of opportunityOctober 1, 2007
Paper: Changes to the General Skilled Migration ProgramSeptember 1, 2007
AMMA letter to Deputy Labor Leader regarding ALP IR policy for resources sectorAugust 23, 2007
Paper: Constructing lawful workplacesJuly 2, 2007
Paper: AWAs – A major matter for minersApril 11, 2007
AMMA letter to The Hon Julia Gillard MP regarding further discussion ALP IR policyApril 9, 2007
AMMA letter to Workplace Standards Tasmania regarding appointment of union officials as workplace inspectorsFebruary 28, 2007
Publication: 2006 AMMA Activities ReportDecember 31, 2006
Paper: Individual engagement and workplace flexibilityNovember 24, 2006
Paper: The case for ongoing flexibility in employment arrangement optionsMarch 4, 2004
Report: Beyond Enterprise Bargaining: The Case for Ongoing Reform of Workplace Relations in AustraliaJuly 1, 1999
Paper: The Way AheadOctober 1, 1992