AMMA is pleased to provide our members with this Guide to the 2019 Federal Election.

To support the planning of your human resources, employee relations, corporate affairs and executive management teams, this guide covers:

  • the workplace relations policies of the major and minor parties;
  • key areas of the union campaign influencing the public debate;
  • a summary of workplace relations achievements of the current government;
  • other skills and industry policy matters; and
  • AMMA’s reform priorities for the next term of government.

While every Federal Election has the potential to change the direction Australia is headed, there has not been an election in recent memory where one of the major parties is seeking a clear mandate to radically overhaul our national workplace relations system.

In the face of change and uncertainty, AMMA will actively promote our members’ vision for workplace relations to the 46th Parliament of Australia, regardless of which party might hold the keys to Canberra.

View this guide via Flipbook below or download a PDF version here (note: best viewed in two-page display mode with cover showing, or printed double-sided).