AMMA’s unique national, school-based program has been designed to bring together industry role models and hands-on, real world STEM activities so that 9 – 12 year olds can make the connection between what they are learning in primary school with the education and career pathways opened up through  STEM.

We know that the current level of future employment in the resources and energy industry’s trade and professional STEM careers cannot be met by the current volume of those studying and working in the industry.

We also know that the number of girls, young women and professional women participating in STEM is disproportionate to males and therefore presents a significant challenge for our industry’s STEM sector.

As the sector strives for gender equity and bench-marked best practice in diversity and inclusion, it is clear much more must be done to promote STEM and the resources and energy industry’s diverse and rewarding careers.

In partnership with the industry, AMMA has created the Bright Future STEM program to address these issues. The program addresses the gender gap by showcasing predominantly female STEM professionals and breaks down the perceived barriers to a STEM profession by bringing fun and relevant hands-on activities to help the connection between school curriculum, high school and university studies, and real world careers opportunities.

The program is available via an event that runs for around two hours and can accommodate up to 100 grade five and six students per session.  It is free for schools to take part and AMMA covers the cost of transport to bring smaller schools together where it makes sense to do so.  AMMA also brings all of the equipment required for the program to be run.

The program visits all parts of Australia, with a particular focus in reaching rural and remote locations where our members operate.

The only requirement is that we ask you to host us in a hall or large on-site area, and bring the students and teachers along for some fun.

If you are interested in having us visit your school, please email us at [email protected]


Leonora District School – WA
March 2020,  30 children

They thought it was really successful, the kids were talking about it later in the day and asking questions. It also really stuck with a few of the kids and has given them a ‘dream job’ as they were saying.

Some positives would be:
• Rock samples/hands on materials
• Photos and pictures in their presentation
• The presenters explained concepts and larger words so the kids could understand
• Hands on activities in the music room afterwards were a huge hit and they were sad it only lasted for 1 hour – they wanted to go back
• Some of the presenters come to a lot of our school events so the kids already knew them and got to know more about them and what they do

I think it would be really good to get them back next year, it was a really good session.