Why this Program?

Research relating to STEM demonstrates that in order to increase the number of potential employees to meet future demands, the industry must engage children early and work hard to keep their interest in STEM.  Additionally, the research shows a strong specific need in Australia to expose young females to the opportunities and jobs that STEM study enables.

Currently many industry STEM programs are focused on students in high school and tertiary education. However this is often too late as they have already decided what subjects they enjoy. It is vital to engage and expose children to STEM activities and the careers and opportunities provided by STEM at an early age.

Bright Future STEM Program has been designed to provide this access and exposure. In addition, the program breaks down stereotypes of traditionally male-dominated industries by featuring female role models and including both boys and girls in the events. Role models are sourced from industry companies and will include STEM professionals such as Geologists, Engineers and relevant trade’s professionals.

Each program event will involve several age-appropriate, hands-on, educational activities to create excitement and wonder about STEM in the resources and energy industry. This may include enhanced and virtual reality, coding, robotics, and engineering challenges.

Program Objectives

The key objectives of the program are to:

  • Deliver a primary school program – Bright Future STEM Program;
  • Provide females in resources and energy STEM based occupations as role-models to young students and change the male-dominated stereotype of STEM professional careers;
  • Engage students, teachers and parents in STEM and demonstrate the possibilities available in the resources and energy industry;
  • Utilise innovative technology to deliver exciting and engaging activities for participants;
  • Provide a program focused on students learning about the resources and energy industry; and Increase students, specifically females, involvement in STEM professions in Australia

How can Organisations get involved?

Below are the ways in which your organisation will contribute to each event:

  • Provision of an experiential activity. With consultation with AMMA and other participating employers, each organisation will have one or two activities that they will run on the day;
  • Provision of a coordinator within your organisation to attend meetings leading up to the event, and organise attendees from own organisation to attend the event including travel and other requirements;
  • Provision of employees to run or take part in the event such as activity leaders and female role models;
  • Optional – provision of videos of operations, employees in action, stories and any published material for take-home packs if relevant; and
  • Optional – provision of interactive equipment such as drones, robots, 3-d printers or other equipment.

Organisation benefits

  • Links to local communities positively showcasing the organisations engagement and contribution;
  • Positive branding demonstrating a commitment to supporting both gender diversity in the industry and the future generations of workforce;
  • Professional development opportunity for employees involved in the events;
  • Recognition and publicity through the program highlighting the participating organisations as being employers of choice. Subsequently attracting new female talent to the organisation; and
  • The recognition gained through the program also allows employers to ensure that candidates in the current labour market – and their existing female employees – know that the organisation is committed and invested in engaging the community and women in their organisation.

Next Steps

To participate reach out with the locations of interest and the participation you would like to have in the program, for example role models, activity coaches, supply of activities and/or content.

This confirmation is sought to undertake a company specific logistics meeting that will be followed by a ‘kick-off’ meeting of all participating organisations per location.


For all enquiries email [email protected] or fill in the online contact form