STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  It empowers children with the skills to succeed and adapt in an ever-changing and technologically advancing world.

Are you – or do you want to be creator, thinker, problem solver, doer, innovator or inventor? An education and career pathway in STEM sounds like it might be just for you!

The brain is like a muscle and needs exercise to stay strong and growing. STEM keeps those thoughts firing!  STEM helps you to further grow fantastic thoughts, problem solving skills, curiosity and creativity.

People with these skills will find themselves with highly sought after and extremely transferable skills, setting themselves up for an interesting and fulfilling career pathway.

AMMA’s Bright Future STEM program can provide you the opportunity to meet role models who will impart their experiences and STEM education to perform exciting STEM roles.

You will also hear about the diverse and rewarding types of jobs that the resources and energy industry offers, along with support available to nurture STEM professionals.

Join us to get hands-on experience with exciting STEM activities that showcase just a little of what the resources and energy STEM fields offer.

To have a session hosted at your school or community group please email us at [email protected]