‘Delivering the workplace relations system Australia needs’

5 Reforms Over 5 Years

During the 2016 Federal Election campaign, AMMA has written to every Member of Parliament to focus their attention on ‘5 Reforms Over 5 years’ that would significant benefit the national interest.

These ‘5 Reforms Over 5 Years’ form the basis for AMMA’s 2016 Federal Election Campaign and will also be pursued by AMMA during the next term of government.

Each week during the campaign AMMA will explore one of our reform priorities in detail, highlighting key issues for employers and options for positive reform.

Click here for AMMA’s letter sent to all members of the Australian Parliament.

Click here for an analysis of our “Enterprise Bargaining” reforms.

Click here for an analysis of our “Union Access to Workplaces” reforms.

Click here for an analysis of our “Agreement Making Options” reforms.

Click here for an analysis of our “Unfair dismissal and general protections” reforms


2016 Federal Election Survey

In April 2016 AMMA surveyed its members across Australia’s mining, oil and gas, construction and allied sectors on a range of policy issues in the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election.

More than 100 of Australia’s leading resource companies employing over 85,000 people in Australia responded, detailing their employment and operational challenges and identified workplace relations reforms that the next Australian Government should prioritise to maintain a competitive, job generating Australian resource industry.

 Click here to read the full survey results or here to review the summary.


Productivity Commission Review – Summary

In 2015, the Productivity Commission (PC) undertook a wide-ranging review of Australia’s workplace laws. This provided a critical opportunity for fundamental workplace reform at a time when Australia’s resource industry faced significant challenges.

As the resource industry’s representative, AMMA has recommended to this review a range of reforms that would better support a viable, prosperous, job generating and globally competitive resource industry, in the interests of all Australians.

Click here to read AMMA’s six-page ‘Getting Back on Track’ campaign summary booklet.

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Reform priorities

AMMA has submitted a compelling case for workplace relations reform to the Productivity Commission, based on the evidence and recommendations of our members as to how Australia’s workplace system could better support them in the productive and competitive running of their workplaces.

Click here to read AMMA’s Submission: Getting Back on Track: Delivering the Workplace Relations Framework Australia Needs


The economic case for reform

AMMA’s submission is backed not only by our members’ practical experiences and evidence, but also by comprehensive research from KPMG that examines competitive pressures on the Australian resource industry and the potential benefits of the key workplace relations reforms AMMA recommends.

Click here to read the KPMG report: Workplace Relations and the Competitiveness of the Australian Resources Sector


How you can get involved

Some of the most compelling evidence to support reforms to Australia’s workplace system come from real employer and employee experiences. To find out how you can get involved in AMMA’s lobbying activities, or for a confidential conversation with AMMA’s experienced Policy and Public Affairs team, call 1800 627 771 or email [email protected].

In the news

As the leading voice of Australia’s resource employers, AMMA ensures its case for workplace relations reform is represented across the media. Below is a section of press releases and news coverage.

Media releases

News Coverage