AWRA will work collaboratively with your organisation to determine the best approach to reach your diversity and inclusion goals.

Overarching Strategy & Policy Development
AWRA can develop an overarching strategy, including management plans, for your organisations unique diversity and inclusion needs. This can range from just starting on the diversity and inclusion journey to assisting with existing programs.

We can also provide feedback on your organisations current strategies and implement a roadmap for success based on the experience and expertise of our consultants.

Auditing & Benchmarking

The AWRA audit assesses the organisations diversity challenges and opportunities.

The AWRA audit is based on the globally recognised Gender Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks, Standards for Organisations Around The World, developed by O’Mara and Richter (Centre for Global Inclusion) with permissions. The benchmark tool covers organisations capability across the capability spectrum; inactive, reactive, proactive, progressive and best practice.

The AWRA audit will involve obtaining a detailed analysis and gathering of relevant data of the organisations policies and procedures. A detailed report will be written and presented on audit findings and recommendations.

AWRA has in-depth knowledge of the resources and energy industry and can provide your organisation with detailed reports on best practice within the industry customised to compare relevant focus areas. The subsequent report will examine data and best practice from Australia and overseas and will provide recommendations on areas to focus on.

Benchmarking can be provided regardless of where your organisation is in your employer capability diversity journey.

Tender Assistance
AWRA can assist organisations to input relevant diversity aspects into your tenders.

We can assist you with the preparation of the tender taking into account your organisations capabilities in delivering the tender outcomes. AWRA can also assist with the implementation of initiatives tendered for.

Focused Organisational Development Strategies

Diversity Council
Establishing an appropriate and effective governance structure to oversee your diversity progress can be very successful in building diversity and inclusion capability and influencing organisational culture. The majority of best practice organisations form a diversity council or another type of governance structure to build leadership engagement and accountability for the initiatives and programs. AWRA can assist you with establishing the diversity council and options for models of governance and leadership engagement.

Flexible work
Flexible work is vitally important to employees, however many organisations struggle to implement flexible work successfully.

AWRA has expertise and experience in developing and implementing flexible work arrangements, rosters and related policies.

A well-run mentoring program can be a fantastic professional development opportunity for your employees and can deliver big diversity and inclusion organisational culture outcomes for your organisation.

AWRA can assist you to develop either an online, or face-to-face mentoring program, including program design, resources and matching.

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