Safeguard your organisation by learning and understanding the processes required to create and calculate cost-effective rosters that comply with Modern Awards and employment regulations


Even the most well-established companies can come unstuck when creating and calculating rosters.  Getting it wrong can have severe consequences, including underpaying your employees and possible FWO investigations.

This course gives you the skills to create rosters that comply with the requirements of Modern Awards and to calculate payment obligations for your rosters.

These essential skills will help you to manage your organisation’s annualised salary obligations, make BOOT assessments of your enterprise agreements, and understand your organisation’s remuneration EVP.  Most importantly, these skills help you to safeguard your organisation against Award non-compliance, ‘wage theft’ and disputation.


On completion of this course participants will:

  • Understand basic rostering principles and how they can be applied and varied to create rosters that comply with employment regulations;
  • Understand the scheduling of ordinary hours, overtime, allowances, and other payments in a cost-effective manner;
  • Understand the differences in leave accruals occasioned by different roster structures;
  • Ensure cost-effective rosters satisfy the agreement approval requirements and Award obligations;
  • Practice creating an Award compliant roster.

AMMA members will also be provided with cost model templates for the major Modern Awards used in the resources industry.


AMMA consultants hold unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in employment and industrial relations in the Australian resources and energy sector. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework and case law relating to employment in Australia and this is used as a foundation for this course.

AMMA’s materials are highly practical and engaging in nature and regularly refer participants to examples relevant to their operations. AMMA’s training utilises practical case studies and role plays where appropriate to enhance participants’ learning.




2.5 Hours (online)


Personnel across all functions of human resources, employee relations and functional roles with roster accountability


Calendar Courses:
AMMA Member: $350 (inc gst)
Non Member: $550 (inc gst)

Customised Training:
Pricing is subject to requirements such as company specific materials and travel.

Training dates are subject to enrolments and change.


Appropriate Workplace Behaviours
Bargaining Basics
Contact Officer
Managing Workplace Investigations
Performance Management, Discipline and Termination
Resources and Energy Mental Health Training
Right of Entry
Rosters: Creating and Calculating for Compliance
Supervisor Skills
Workplace Relations 101