Protect your organisation by providing people managers and human resources professionals with the information and processes required to confidently manage poor performance or misconduct


Performance management and associated discipline and termination is a minefield of legislation and regulation. Poor performance is often tolerated or handled poorly due to the complex maze of obligations.   This course covers all bases to ensure line managers and human resource professionals have the knowledge and confidence to deal with poor performance and misconduct.

Companies face a range of legal risks including bullying and harassment, unfair dismissal and adverse action claims of performance management and misconduct for poor processes and procedures.

Ensure your people leaders and people professionals have up to date and comprehensive training in this contentious area of Australian employment.


On completion of this course participants will:

  • Explore the ways an employment contract may be ended by either an employee or an employer;
  • Understand valid reasons to discipline an employee;
  • Understand valid reasons to terminate an employment contract;
  • Know how to manage the discipline and termination process;
  • Develop the skills necessary to prepare for, and be able to carry out, effective discipline interviews; and
  • Minimise exposure to unfair dismissal and / or general protection / adverse action claims.


AMMA consultants hold unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in Employment & Industrial Relations in the Australian Resources and Energy sector. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework and case law relating to employment in Australia and this is used as a foundation for this course.

AMMA’s materials are highly practical and engaging in nature and we regularly refer participants to examples relevant to your operations. Depending on the duration of the course, practical case studies and role plays will be referred to throughout the course.


AMMA holds this course online and in person across Australia and can arrange customised training in all areas, including regular tours of regional Australia..


Full Day (in person) or Half Day – 3 Hours (online)


All managers and human resource specialists


Calendar Courses:
AMMA Member: Full Day $500 (inc gst), Half Day $275
Non Member: Full Day $700 (inc gst), Half Day $385

Customised Training:
Pricing is subject to requirements such as company specific materials and travel.

Training dates are subject to enrolments and change.


Appropriate Workplace Behaviours
Bargaining Basics
Contact Officer
Managing Workplace Investigations
Performance Management, Discipline and Termination
Resources and Energy Mental Health Training
Right of Entry
Rosters: Creating and Calculating for Compliance
Supervisor Skills
Workplace Relations 101