Navigating the maze of Workplace Relations for workplace leaders


The Australian Workplace Relations landscape is a complicated network of intertwined legislation, case law, contracts, awards and agreements. Navigating this maze can be complicated enough for HR and ER professionals, never mind for supervisors who are often the front line for dealing with issues as they arise.

This course is designed to provide workplace leaders with a baseline of knowledge and skills to help make better informed decisions and manage risk. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of why Workplace Relations is such a critical business pillar and the skills to be able to effectively handle the common situations they are likely to be presented with.

AMMA will incorporate key aspects of your organisation’s policies and procedures in guiding participants through areas such as performance management, discipline, termination of employment, dispute resolution, right of entry, and workplace conduct, to ensure participants leave with a sound understanding of how to deal with issues as they arise in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and your business practice.


On completion of this course participants will understand:

  • How the Workplace Relations system in Australia works and an employer’s obligations
  • Minimum terms and conditions of employment
  • Key elements of enterprise bargaining
  • How to deal with industrial action and other workplace disputes
  • How to respond to union right of entry
  • What constitutes discrimination and general protections
  • How to lawfully bring employment to an end


AMMA consultants hold unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in Employment & Industrial Relations in the Australian Resources and Energy sector. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework and case law relating to employment in Australia and this is used as a foundation for this course.

AMMA’s materials are highly practical and engaging in nature and regularly refer participants to examples relevant to your sites. Practical case studies and role plays will be referred to throughout the course to ensure participants have an opportunity to digest and comprehend the course content.


AMMA holds this course online and in person, and can arrange customised training in all areas of Australia including regular tours of regional Australia.


Full Day (in person)
Half Day – 3 Hours (online)


All employees leading and managing people formally or informally, and human resource professionals


Calendar Courses:
AMMA Member: Full Day $500 (inc gst), Half Day $275
Non Member: Full Day $700 (inc gst), Half Day $385

Customised Training:
Pricing is subject to requirements such as company specific materials and travel.

Training dates are subject to enrolments and change.


Appropriate Workplace Behaviours
Bargaining Basics
Contact Officer
Managing Workplace Investigations
Performance Management, Discipline and Termination
Resources and Energy Mental Health Training
Right of Entry
Rosters: Creating and Calculating for Compliance
Supervisor Skills
Workplace Relations 101