Skills and capability development to ensure workplace investigations are sound, defensible and procedurally fair


Investigations into complaints, particularly relating to allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviours, can be challenging, even for the most seasoned leaders and HR professionals. There is the potential for claims in a range of jurisdictions, including under laws regulating unfair dismissal, general protections, workplace bullying and anti-discrimination.

This course combines both theoretical and practical aspects in order to equip managers and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills required to conduct an effective and fair workplace investigation.


On completion of this course participants will understand:

  • The role of an investigator
  • When a formal investigation is required
  • The importance and benefits of conducting an impartial and prompt workplace investigation
  • How to plan for an investigation
  • Essential interpersonal skills needed for effective investigations, including interview techniques
  • The importance of record keeping


AMMA has unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in Employment & Industrial Relations in the Australian Resources and Energy sector. AMMA consultants have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework, case law relating to workplace investigations and practical experience in conducting and advising on workplace investigations for organisations across the industry. This knowledge and experience is used as a foundation for this course.

Materials are highly practical and tailored to include content specific to your organisation and industry to ensure the most relevant information is provided to participants. Role plays and case studies are utilised to ensure participants can practically apply content.

AMMA materials are built on experience in designing training packages for, and with, the energy and resources sector.


Face to face training is recommended to maximise value and learning outcomes for the participants and your organisation.

AMMA services all areas of Australia including regular tours of regional and remote Australia and would be pleased to discuss aligning our tour schedule to suit your training agenda and minimise costs.


Full day
People Managers and Human Resources Professionals
(Small group of 3-5)










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