Understand the role of the Contact/EEO Officer and learn the skills and capabilities required to undertake the role effectively


This course provides your organisation’s contact officers with the tools and knowledge needed to be effective in their role. They will gain an understanding of their role as a contact officer and how to handle their responsibilities in relation to incidents and complaints in an objective way.

Contact officers have an important role in any organisation in assisting employees with issues relating to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Materials are tailored to include content specific to your organisation and industry to ensure the most relevant information is provided to participants.


On completion of this course participants will:

  • Clearly understand their role
  • Be familiar with what is considered appropriate workplace behaviour, including unlawful behaviour
  • Understand organisational processes and policies, liabilities and potential exposures (both individual and organisational)
  • Develop skills and strategies to have positive and constructive initial discussions, deal with difficult situations and know when and who to refer to for support or resolution


AMMA consultants hold unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in Employment & Industrial Relations in the Australian Resources and Energy sector. Our consultants have an extensive knowledge of the legislative framework and case law relating to EEO in Australia and this is used as a foundation for this course.

Materials are highly practical and engaging in nature and we regularly refer participants to examples relevant to your operations. Depending on the duration of the course, practical case studies and role plays will be referred to throughout the course.


AMMA holds calendar courses in Brisbane and Perth, and can arrange customised training in all areas of Australia, including regular tours of regional Australia.


Full Day
Contact officers, newly in the role or refresher for existing contact officers
Customised Training:
Pricing is subject to requirements such as company specific materials and travel.















Appropriate Workplace Behaviours
Bargaining Basics
Contact Officer
Managing Workplace Investigations
Performance Management, Discipline and Termination
Right of Entry
Supervisor Skills
Workplace Relations 101