RTO Partnerships

AMMA RTO can provide member companies with the benefits of delivering nationally recognised training without having to become a Registered Training Organisation in their own right. This allows member companies to utilise the AMMA RTO Scope of Registration to deliver either units of competency or full qualifications to their employees.

The RTO partnerships provide member company employees with nationally recognised training and qualifications that have been delivered on-site, with site-based RTO approved trainers.

AMMA RTO addresses the compliance issues for all regulatory bodies on behalf of your organization, and issues Statements of Attainment or Qualifications for Certificate II up to Diploma level.

If you are looking for a partnership and we do not yet have the qualification you require on our RTO scope – ask us! We will work with the member company to develop the training resources, and follow through with the lodging of the application to ASQA, the National VET regulator, for addition to our scope of qualifications.

Additionally, through our RTO status AMMA can assist with sourcing funding for numerous training projects and initiatives.

For enquiries about RTO Partnerships, click here to contact the RTO Manager.

Are you an AMMA RTO Partner?
Many Australian businesses are developing training solutions for their staff that result in nationally-recognised qualifications, by working in partnership arrangements with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), rather than becoming an RTO themselves.

We understand that not all businesses have the required resources to become a Registered Training Organisation. We also understand the value that effective training has on a business’s bottom line.

If you are an organisation or person wishing to provide accredited training, partnering with an RTO like AMMA is the best option for you.

What will I gain from a Partnership with AMMA?
A partnership with us will allow you to:

  • Deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to your employees and clients;
  • Be assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments your clients and employees receive;
  • Internally manage your in-house training programs rather that outsourcing the work;
  • Deliver training both on and off the job, at times and places suited to your schedule;
  • Adapt the training platform and courseware to coincide with your organisation’s systems and procedures;
  • Provide your workforce with pathways to further training and career development; and
  • Deliver nationally accredited training that ensures employees have the skills and competencies your organisation needs.

Basis of Partnerships
Under the NVR Standards, we are approved to establish partnerships with organisations to offer a range of training and assessment services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of the resource sector.

An AMMA Business partnership serves to:

  • Increase people’s access to nationally recognised qualifications;
  • Ensure all of our national training and assessment arrangements meet industry requirements;
  • Facilitate the efficient use of training and assessment resources; and
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, information and resources between different groups in the national vocational education and training (VET) system.

A partnership arrangement provides an opportunity to share skills, effort and resources for mutual benefit, thus reducing costs by achieving economies of scale. We enter every Training Partnership with a can-do attitude backed by resources and infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of your learners.

Entering into a Training Partnership with AMMA will provide you with:

  • Access to industry trainers;
  • Access to our existing course bank of resources;
  • Access to our experience and services as an established and well regarded training organisation;
  • The ability to prepare and provide training materials customised to suit your specific needs; and
  • Assistance in developing a solution-focused approach to meeting your learning and development requirements.

Any organisation or individual may enter into an agreement with AMMA to deliver training or assessment services.

The costs of a Training Partnership with AMMA are assessed on an individual basis, and are determined after consultation, taking into account factors such as:

  • Your expected number of participants;
  • The decision of whether you will use of our training resources or provide your own courseware;
  • Whether your Courseware will require mapping, development or improvement;
  • Whether you are an RTO, an non-accredited organisation or an individual;
  • Whether you will need AMMA to write or source resources for you; and
  • What type of Certificate or Testamur will be awarded.

To express your interest in partnering with AMMA for your workforce solutions,
contact AMMA’s Training and Development Team today on 1800 891 662.


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