UNEMPLOYMENT in Tasmania has remained the nation’s highest at 8.4% with the latest ABS data showing an additional 300 job losses in July.

The Labour Force statistics showed the trend in unemployment had risen by 2% against June data, but seasonally adjusted figures showed a slight decline from 9% to 8.2% in July.

Premier Lara Giddings has described the unemployment rate as unacceptable and said discussions on managing the issue were ongoing.

“We have committed to a number of short-term actions to address issues which were identified at yesterday’s meeting as impediments to jobs growth,” Ms Giddings said.

“We have also asked businesses to write to us in the next week with specific examples of regulations or red tape they believe are unnecessary and where action is appropriate, we will pursue changes before the end of the year.”

Independent Andrew Wilkie said the state government has failed to deliver on job creation promises and instead created a jobs crisis.

“I call on the state government to stop the vacuous talk and promises about jobs and instead work to put in place the drivers of genuine economic growth,” Mr Wilkie said, highlighting a need to reduce the high cost of goods and services transport in and out of Tasmania.

Additionally, the Coalition has issued an election promise to support job creation in Tasmania with a jobs subsidy scheme, including a $3250 payment to employers who source labour from the pool of long-term unemployed.

The federal Labor government has also promised a $100m funding grant to support the state’s Tasmanian Jobs and Growth plan.

For more information about the ABS Labour Force data, click here.