STAFF turnover across Queensland’s resource industry has fallen by 6.8% in 2013 as employer actions toward employee retention gain momentum, the latest report from Enery Skills Queensland has revealed.

The Heartbeat for the Mining Industry – 2013 Queensland Workforce Report, now in its fourth year of publication, profiles trends and traits of the resource industry workforce over the course of the year and compares outcomes against previous results.

The recruitment rate has remained relatively steady at 17.9% with a small decline of .2% against 2012 figures, reflecting industry-wide shift away from construction and toward the less labour-intensive phase of production on many major projects.

The report also showed that female employees in Queensland’s resource industry increased by 1.8% to 14%, proving gender diversity campaign such as AWRA are returning outcomes for resource employers.

Temporary skilled migrants in the resource workforce on 457 visas have remained steady at just 1.25%, filling small but vital skills shortages as needed, and Indigenous employment has also remained steady at 2.7%.

For more information and to download a fully copy of the ESQ report, click here.