It is well known that Australia is facing an era of rapid work change.

Resources and energy employers have been facing this transformation for some time, particularly in the management of implications from globalisation, collaboration and automation.

As AMMA chief executive Steve Knott has previously noted, “the resource industry has been ahead of the surge in a bid to ensure our sector continues to be a key contributor to our nation’s wealth, employment, and economic and social development.”

AMMA is seeking to ensure Australia’s workplace relations system has the fundamentals it needs in order to be equipped for a significant change in how work is undertaken.

To this end, AMMA is preparing to undertake research in this important area, and is seeking the input of our members.

If your organisation has any relevant research, data or analysis in relation to the impact of technological and other change on the future of work in Australia – we want to hear from you!

For further information contact AMMA Policy Advisor, Ingrid Fraser, via email at [email protected]