THE Deputy Prime Minister has been called on to intervene in an ongoing industrial dispute over a claim for up to a 100% pay rise between a range of Australian vessel operators and the Maritime Union of Australia.

AMMA Chief Executive, Steve Knott, said a series of rolling strikes instigated by the leadership of the MUA’s militant Western Australia division had the capacity to cripple the development of the nation’s offshore oil and gas sector.

“It’s clearly time now for the Deputy Prime Minister to act. She needs to terminate the strike activity to allow negotiations to continue without further harm being inflicted on this important sector,”

“It is abundantly clear the MUA will stop at nothing when it comes to inflicting the most amount of damage as possible in pursuit of a pay rise that most fair minded Australians would class as both ‘outrageous’ and ‘greedy’.” Mr Knott said.

“When introducing the Fair Work Act the Deputy Prime Minister championed the changes as being designed for a modern Australia.”

“Clearly she needs now to use her powers under Fair Work to show the archaic leadership of the MUA that bullying and stand-over tactics are, like them, relics of the past.” Mr Knott said.


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