ON 2 August, the Australian Federal Government announced there would be a significant changes to the incentive eligibility criteria for Australian workers employed under apprenticeships and traineeships. These changes represent the next step in reforming the Australian Apprenticeships system.

Effective from 3 August 2013, existing workers (i.e. employed more than three months full-time with a company) will no longer attract any federal incentives for the completion of Certificate III or IV courses not listed on the National Skills Need List (NSNL).

This means existing apprentices and trainees who complete qualifications such as a Certificate IV in Frontline Management will no longer attract a completion fee, even if they hold no previous qualifications.

Some of the reasoning behind this move is to encourage Australian businesses to train staff in nationally recognised qualifications whilst they are classed as a New Worker (i.e. employed less than three months in a full time position).

New Workers will continue to attract federal incentives, meaning it is more than important than ever to sign individuals up for training before the three-month period expires.

NSNL courses are not affected by the changes and the normal rules apply regarding these. Thus far, employers have been advised that any plans to enlist employees into a traineeship should be actioned as soon as possible. Please contact the AMMA Training and Development team if you need more information about this and we will do our best to help.
The reduction in funding has limited employer options for up-skilling their workforce, but AMMA Training and Development can still help you access the National Workforce Development Funding (NWDF).

The NWDF is a co-contribution style of funding which can be used for any nationally recognised qualification, from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma. With less stringent criteria around who can apply, the NWDF is a more flexible funding option.

What are the key benefits of the NWDF and how can you apply?

The NWDF is a flexible option for employers looking to up-skill their workforce. Here are a few of the key advantages to the NWDF:

  • Available for enterprise/business as the lead recipient of funds;
  • Enterprises choose the courses and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) most relevant to their business and workforce needs;
  • High quality projects will be supported as a priority;
  • The program supports up-skilling of existing employees;
  • There is no limit to the number of individuals or qualifications applied for on one application from an enterprise and there is no cap on the funding that can be applied for;
  • Funding supports credible Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes;
  • Accredited skills sets may be used;
  • Innovative training proposals are strongly encouraged;
  • Funding applications encourage the take-up of women in non-traditional roles; and
  • The program allows for training at Certificate 2 level for previously unqualified or new workers, on application.


The Funding program requires joint-obligation contribution from enterprise and Government, decided by the size of the organisation in terms of staff registered to an ABN. The government’s contribution to you is as follows:

  • Under 100 staff: 67%.
  • 100-200 staff: 50%.
  • 200+ staff: 34%

Eligibility criteria applies to both your organisation and your training candidates. The AMMA Training and Development team is experienced and successful in tendering applicants for access to these funds. From ensuring your eligibility to taking care of the complete application and administration process, including ongoing project reporting on your behalf, we can provide comprehensive assistance in up-skilling your workforce.

AMMA is now taking expressions of interest for the NWDF. Please click here to complete an expression of interest form or contact AMMA Training and Development on 1800 881 662.