Report lifts government focus on mine stability

A report on the failed Morwell River Diversion at the Yallourn mine has been released by the state government, identifying technical issues preceding the site’s flooding incident in June 2012.

The Morwell River Diversion Review identified a series of design and management flaws, leading to a leak in the mine’s structure and subsequent flooding which damaged conveyors carrying coal to the Yallourn power plant.

According to energy and resources minister Nicholas Kotsiras, remediation plans have been documented on the back of the report, while state-wide initiatives have already commenced to improve mine stability in the LaTrobe Valley.

“We are working to reduce the risk of failures on mine sites because we recognise these events can serious affect infrastructure, public amenity and private property,” Mr Kotsiras said.

“The $4.2m in funding announced in May will see us stepping up work to deal with the most urgent mine stability issues and building both government and industry capacity to identify and response to those issues in future.”

Immediate outcomes of the report include a number of government-managed workshops with mine operators to communicate the lessons taken from its release.

For an executive summary of the report, click here.