Stowe Australia is a privately owned family Company whose history can be traced back to the advent of the electrical industry of Australia.In the 1890’s George Stowe operated the Palace Electric Lighting Company, an electricity generating station in the centre of Sydney. In 1910 Bert Madson began work as a Francis Bell apprentice. Later he purchased the company with his partner, another ex-apprentice, from George Stowe and change the name to Stowe Electrical Pty Ltd. This commenced an unbroken family involvement which continues to the present day.

Today, our Executive Chairman David Madson (son of Bert Madson), maintains the same standards and ideals previously demanded by his peers.

In September 2004 Bert’s grandson, Chris Madson, joined the Company to add his business expertise gained in previous employment and in January 2007 Chris was appointed to the role of Managing Director and this ensures that the proud family tradition will continue in the future.