Stena Drilling

Our Vision

  • To always be the clients’ first choice and quality assured partner.
  • To safeguard the company’s resources and the resources of the world around us.
  • To participate in value creating activities.
  • A clearly delegated business responsibility with innovations frequently in partnership with the client.

Our Values
Customer Satisfaction

  • Keep the clients – Achieving and maintaining positive with working relationships with all our clients and ultimately retaining our reputation within the industry.
  • Repeat Business – To retain clients for future contracts and to be the premier choice when our clients are faced with alternatives.
  • Performance benefits – Our contracts reflect the total value of our products/services to them as well as the performance gains we can achieve together.


  • Operations – We always deliver the service as promised without squandering resources and time.
  • Management – Management’s ability to define clients and their requirements and to clarify these definitions for all members of the organization, in order to achieve client satisfaction through operative quality and profits.
  • Assets – Our assets are managed and safeguarded in such a way that they can do the job for which they were developed. This minimizes the risk of stoppages. We design our assets to provide operative quality, not only upon delivery but also during the period in which they are utilized. Foresight is of the greatest importance.
  • Decisions – To have transparent communication and to address the issues that are necessary to achieve objectives, efficiently and on time.