Shark Bay Salt Pty Ltd (SBS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui. It owns and operates two salt fields – Shark Bay and Onslow – in Western Australia.

The Shark Bay salt field, located around 830 kilometres north of Perth, began operations in 1967. In 1973, Mitsui entered into a joint venture with Shark Bay Salt, and in 2005 acquired 100 per cent of the project, forming SBS.

In 2006, Mitsui acquired the Onslow salt field. This site is located 550 kilometres north of Shark Bay and began shipment of salt in 2001.

Salt (sodium chloride) is an industrial chemical extracted from the sea by solar evaporation, and is a fundamental product in chemical and food-related applications. Traditionally used as a preservative in the food manufacturing industry, salt is also the key raw material for chlor-alkali factories that produce caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), chlorine and soda ash.

Mitsui’s two salt farms produce some of the highest quality solar marine salt (sea salt) in the world. Our fields are also ideally located to export bulk shipments to Asian markets.

Mitsui is committed to running sustainable, profitable and environmentally responsible salt fields. Our goal is to be a reliable and competitive supplier of salt to the Asian market well into the future.