Orica is an Australian-owned, publicly-listed global company with operations in around 50 countries and customers in twice that many.

Orica Mining Services offers commercial explosives, initiating systems and Blast-Based Services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries. The business is run globally with a presence in Australia, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Latin America. The recently-completed acquisition of parts of Dyno Nobel’s commercial explosives business is highly complementary to Orica’s Mining Services operations and provides significant opportunities for synergy and growth.

Orica Chemicals is a leading manufacturer, trader and distributor of chemicals and services for customers in industrial, mining, pulp and paper, water treatment, construction, dairy, food and beverage and agriculture markets.

Minova is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical-based consumables, steel bolts, application and drilling equipment and services associated with rock bolting, ground consolidation, ventilation and water control in the underground mining, tunneling and civil engineering industries.