Maxfiled Drilling
At Maxfield Drilling our desire is to be the drilling company of choice, which drives us to set and reach high environmental and safety standards. We deliver to our customers the highest quality of service and our professionalism is second to none.

Maxfield Drilling is a Tasmanian based drilling company formed over 30 years ago by the current managing director Mick Maxfield. This family owned drilling contracting firm is positioning itself for expansion beyond Tasmania, with the next growth unlikely to come from within the State.

Maxfield Drilling provides a range of drilling services, all within the core business and skill of production blasthole drilling in mining and civil construction and quarrying.

The core of Maxfield Drilling’s success is strong customer relationships. We search and test every opportunity to build stronger customer relationships though proactive engagement and a professional work ethic. Maxfield Drilling is committed to the highest standard of work with flexible cost effective solutions. Our principal motto is “We deliver every possible solution to your drilling needs”.