Maersk Supply Service is a leading provider of global offshore marine services. Our fleet offers an unparalleled range of services to our customers in the oil and gas industry as well as associated industries. Our core business is deep water services provided by our most powerful and advanced vessels.

We serve the offshore industry with a fleet of over 60 vessels manned by more than 1,900 crew members and supported by around 250 onshore staff worldwide.

We operate worldwide and are present in all major offshore areas in Europe, from Southern Brazil to East Coast Canada, from Africa to Asia Pacific.

Deep-water anchor handling is a core competency for us, and we are the market leader.

Our people are our greatest assets. Throughout our history, we have set the industry standard in training and education. We are continuously developing our teams to meet the growing demands of the industries we support.  We believe a well trained crew is a reliable one – and in the tough offshore world, reliability and efficiency are the keys to success.

We are at the forefront of changes happening in the industry. It is in our blood to seek new challenges, and when the offshore business goes to new places – geographically as well as technologically – we want to be right there, helping to lay the groundwork.