Kal Tire knows earthmover tire service better than anyone in the world. Operating with a team of more than 1600 members globally, we’ve built a reputation for innovation, reliability, and outstanding service.

With the constant change in commodity prices, mining operations must strive to maximize the full potential of the equipment they operate—including the tires that ultimately carry the load. With over 40 years experience at the forefront of the large tire industry, our objective remains simple: to deliver incomparable value.

We achieve this by providing a fully customizable array of services to fit your needs including tire supply and forecasting, fitting and maintenance, site management and design, as well as 24-hour service and training.

A division of Kal Tire, the largest commercial tire dealer in North America, The Kal Tire Mining Tire Group was originally founded in the early 1970’s to service mine sites in British Columbia, Canada. We have since expanded to over 150 mine sites in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. We are one of the largest manufacturers of retread tires globally, with two factories in Canada, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Ghana, West Africa.

Information technology has become central to our global success in mining services. Constant innovation is our passion; whether it’s designing a better tool, improving safety procedures, or boosting efficiency through digital technology. We promote collaboration and teamwork through globally consistent best practices and tools such a multi-lingual intranet.

In addition to mine sites, our services can also be found at ports, construction projects, quarries, steel mills, and sugar-cane plantations. We operate with the highest safety standards in a vast array of terrains and climates and are confident we can meet your tire needs, large or small.