Golden Grove is a base and precious metals mine located in Western Australia, Australia. The mine is situated approximately 450 kilometres north-east of Perth, 250 kilometres east of Geraldton, and approximately 50 kilometres south of Yalgoo.

Exploration for volcanogenic-hosted base metal sulphide deposits began in 1971 when Aztec Exploration recognised the potential of the area from outcrops of coarse pyroclastic rocks and gossan float. Further prospecting located a number of copper-rich gossans and led to the pegging of a 40 km strike length of the prospective volcanic sequence. Mining commenced to development the underground Scuddles deposit in 1989 and underground Gossan Hill deposit in 1996. Development of an open pit at Gossan Hill commenced in 2012, mining copper oxide and sulphide ores. Development of a number of small gold oxide ore pits commenced from 2014 with sale agreements to a nearby mine for processing.