Dockwise is dedicated to “Creating superior value by realizing the inconceivable.” To ensure the company’s sustainable growth of revenues and profit through economic and market cycles, the strategic vision of our group is focused on offering increasingly differentiated service packages based on clear directives for each operating company.

Dockwise continues to maintain its leading position in the heavy lift industry, despite new players in the market and the occasional participation of non-dedicated parties. The fact that Dockwise has over fifty years’ experience and owns the largest and most versatile fleet of heavy marine transport vessels gives us a distinct advantage. This, together with a level of professional performance unrivaled by our competitors, sets us apart from the compitition. Dockwise continues to evolve in line with the demands of its customers retaining preferred supplier status with major Oil & Gas operators.

Several years ago, Dockwise chose to expand its service portfolio by providing installation services for large production platforms. The Company continues to expand and develop this niche. The level of quality required across the organization to enable the delivery of broader scope and added value results in a positioning of the Company at an even higher level of performance.