Experts in the provision of:

  • Plant cleans prior to maintenance work, crack testing and repairs for quicker and more professional work to be carried out on the machines. A clean machine boosts morale and assists in creating a safe and happy work environment.
  • Cleaning plant and sub-assemblies during disassembly.
  • Quarantine cleans for both Interstate and Overseas – 100% record.
  • Cab and electrical room cleaning and detailing. Special equipment for this is mounted on a light vehicle.
  • Cleaning of traffic, safety and directional signage and protective bollards
  • Audit cleans of fuel and lube farms
  • Rubber tyre and post bollards, rubbish bins
  • Cleaning of oil storage floors, tanks and separators
  • Workshop floor and wall detailing
  • As back up to wash pads during break downs or maintenance
  • Maintain the cleanliness and effective operation of wash pads

We pride ourselves in taking the utmost care to deliver the best job in the scheduled time frames. Our strong point is the flexibility to take on jobs at short notice, such as when breakdowns occur.