MyPass™ is the industry Work Passport for workforce management designed to reduce risk, improve transparency, and reduce the cost of engaging blue-collar workers.


  • MyPass™ stores worker qualifications, tickets, licences, compliance documents and work history on a secure online platform, allowing real-time access for employers and sites.
  • Reduce the risk of having workers on site with missing, incomplete or expired compliance documentation.  Worker information is synchronised in one location for the industry.
  • Gain transparency of the resourcing process and know who is getting allocated to the work-front.  Employers can use our matching algorithm to ensure the right person with the right skills will be deployed to the right location at the right time.
  • Streamline the resourcing supply chain and reduce the administrative burden created from handling the same worker information in multiple locations.  Use MyPass™ for a range of resourcing activities including mobilisation, gate access, inductions, fatigue management, compliance management, and time & attendance.
  • Reduce workforce resourcing costs by 70% (based on results achieved to date)


Contact name: Matthew Smith

Email: [email protected]