GU Health is Australia’s only corporate health insurance specialist. We’re a trusted provider of private health insurance to over 25 of AMMA’s corporate clients because we combine our expert knowledge and our clients’ unique needs to provide a tailored insurance solution aligned to their industry, budget, payroll structures and employee profile.

For example, our versatile SplitPay solution enables a company to contain costs, while allowing employees access to comprehensive cover options. SplitPay is so advanced that employers have the flexibility to create a partially-subsidised private health insurance plan that both they and their employees contribute to. SplitPay also helps relieve the administrative burden placed on payroll departments.

GU Health is committed to supporting employers’ efforts to improve productivity and engagement through positive health and wellbeing practices in the workplace, by ensuring employees have the privilege of generous extras benefits – above the industry average – with access to a wide range of health services and programs.

We provide high-level and comprehensive hospital cover for both public and private hospitals, and we have an extensive range of partner private hospitals for our members to choose from.

Four out of five of our members say private health insurance as an employee benefit would influence their choice when deciding on a future employer. Partnering with us will ensure you get more from the investment in your most important resource — your people.



Phone: 0409 386 231 (Contact: Head of Sales and Service David Slack-Smith)

Email: [email protected]