Promoting positive workplace behaviours and managing risks with inappropriate conduct


This course is designed to educate employees on the legislative and policy requirements relating to appropriate workplace behaviour and the steps to take if they are victim to or become aware of inappropriate behaviour. Managers and leaders are also provided with the knowledge relevant to preventing inappropriate behaviour and managing any breaches that may occur.

Many companies have come unstuck by their practices (or lack thereof) in regards to appropriate workplace behaviour and have ultimately been held vicariously liable for bullying, harassments or victimisation.

Ensuring your workforce is educated on what is and is not appropriate workplace behaviour is a necessary step, not only to mitigate the risks associated with inappropriate conduct, including potential liability, but also to ensure a positive workplace culture conducive to productive employees.


On completion of this course participants will:

  • Clearly understand your organisations policies on workplace behaviour and how to raise concerns about inappropriate behaviour
  • Gain an understanding of what is considered appropriate workplace behaviour
  • Know how to recognise discrimination, bullying, harassment & victimisation
  • Understand the potential consequences of inappropriate workplace behaviour and failing to handle this effectively
  • Develop skills and strategies on how to prevent and/or respond to inappropriate workplace behaviour

This program will be tailored to incorporate key aspects of your organisations values and relevant policies or procedures.


AMMA consultants hold unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in Employment & Industrial Relations in the Australian Resources and Energy sector. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework and case law relating to employment in Australia and this is used as a foundation for this course.

AMMA’s materials are highly practical and engaging in nature and we regularly refer participants to examples relevant to your operations. Depending on the duration of the course, practical case studies and role plays will be referred to throughout the course.


AMMA services all areas of Australia including regular tours of regional Australia.


1.5-2 hours
All employees leading
and managing people formally or informally, particularly those new to a supervisory role
(Group of 15-20)











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